Barbados Jewish Community

President’s Message – February 24

Dear all,

The month of Adar began on Wednesday February 22nd, just a day ago. “We learn that when Adar enters, joy increases. This feeling is ever present during the holiday of Purim. We dress in silly costumes, partake in festive meals, and have a chance to be joyous overall. Even though we are supposed to increase the joy in the world, we are still aware of the sorrows that happened in our past and present. Yet our rabbis teach that at this time, we should still increase joy”. (by Elyse Pinkus Abrahams)

Purim 101: read more here.

I am including a new section in my newsletter focusing on Jewish people that have made an impact either through the arts, culture, fashion, politics, inventions or through humanitarian contributions. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed researching it.



Jewish painter Mark Rothko was born on September 25, 1903, in Russia (current day Latvia). His work often concentrated on basic emotions and therefore much of his work does not contain any intense colors. Although he was respected by other artists of his time, his work remained relatively obscure until 1960 when he was commissioned to paint a series of murals for the Four Seasons restaurant in New York. In 1967, he contributed fourteen works of art to a church in Houston, Texas now known as “The Rothko Chapel.” He passed away on February 25, 1970, but his work still lives on today in museums scattered across the U.S. (Source:”

Check out this great video on Rothko:

We will be holding a Pizza and Beer Purim Party on Monday, March 6th at 5:30. Don’t forget to dress up! Please let us know if you will be attending by emailing us at

We will be sending out our Passover order forms next week.

If you would like to contribute to our BJC community donation for the people affected by the Earthquake disaster in Turkey, please contact us at

Please note that invoices have been emailed to all members for your 2023 dues. If you do not receive it, please contact us at Our AGM is scheduled for March 26th, 2023, 10 AM at Rockley Synagogue.

In this Torah portion, Moses receives God’s commandments on stone tablets. God tells Moses to create a dwelling place for God, where the Israelites can bring God gifts. God details what this Mishkan (Tabernacle) will look like and how it should be made. The Tabernacle includes an ark, two cherubs, curtains and a menorah. Read more here.


(January/Sh’vat Yahrzeit)
Esther Rechtman                       6 Sh’vat      January 28
Joan Benjamin                           19 Sh’vat    February 10
Hirsch Silver                               27 Sh’vat   February 18
Marshall Channing Oran            1 Adar        February 22
Thomas Hancock                       7 Adar        February 28
Marilyn Berman Karp                 9 Adar         March 2
Ephraim Burak                          13 Adar        March 6
Toni Lazar                                  13 Adar        March 6

Friday night services will be held in person and on ZOOM this week at 6:30pm. Please join us and help us make our minyan. The Oran family will be sponsoring the kiddush in honor of Marshall Oran.

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Shabbat Shalom,

Sharon Oran
President, Barbados Jewish Community