Barbados Jewish Community

President’s Message – July 2

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Dear all,
Our thoughts are with all of you in Barbados as you bunker down for the morning Tropical storm.
We pray that it passes over without any damage.  Scott and I are in Florida preparing to come home on Sunday.

Our prayers also extend to the many families that have been tragically affected by the building collapse in Sunny Isles, Florida, just a few miles away from us. There is so much sadness, we must constantly remind ourselves to seek joy in each and every day. Stay safe!

Daniel and Gillian Cowen will be having a baby naming for their daughter, Bizzy on July 09th during our (in person) monthly service at Nidhe Israel synagogue. They will be hosting a kiddush following services and would appreciate your RSVP to help them finalize numbers for the caterer. Here is the RSVP link –

Nathan Arback, July 06
Doris Kaplan ( Altman), July 12
Anita Oran, July 13
Miriam Bernstein, July 25
Saul Seltzer, July 31
Louis Speisman, July 31

(If you have a yahrzeit for July that has not been listed, please let me know so I can make sure and add it to our calendar)

Friday, July 02 we will be holding services on Zoom at 6:30pm. Please note our in-person service at Nidhe Israel Synagogue for next month will be on July 09th.
Please click the link below to join us; for the pass code please email

Please see the link below for a copy of our siddur.

Shabbat Shalom!

Sharon Oran
President, Barbados Jewish Community