Barbados Jewish Community

President’s Message – June 18

Word of the Week:

Dear all,

All my life, I have grown up hearing the words “always count your blessings” and boy is that ever true. In Barbados you often hear the older generation (which I guess I am now a part of) say “Every morning I wake up, I Give thanks.”  Giving thanks reminds us that no matter what we are struggling with there is always something positive to focus on. The Hebrew term for gratitude is hakarat hatov, which means, literally, “recognizing the good.”  Practicing gratitude means recognizing the good that is already yours.

It is also important to also give thanks for the generosity and kindness of others. This week, Abbie Rickard (Rechtman) approached us saying she would like to give back to the Barbados Jewish community. Her generosity comes in the form of baking yummy challahs and babkas for sale to the community, all proceeds of which will be donated to the community’s tzedakah fund. Please join us in supporting this wonderful initiative by clicking the attached flier.
Abbie’s Community Bakery – Through August 2021

This June 2015 article by the late Rabbi Sacks on the power of gratitude is still relevant today.

Joseph Rosin, Tuesday 08, 2021
Sarah Cohen Shapiro, June 8, 2021
Simon Altman, June 17, 2021
Henry Altman, June 27, 2021

(If you are observing a yahrzeit in June that is not listed above, please send us the information so that we can include it in our calendar).

Please note our next in-person service at Nidhe Israel Synagogue will on the second Friday in July (July 09), not the first Friday as previously announced.

This week we’re holding our regular virtual services on Zoom at 6:30pm, Friday June 18th.
Please click the link below to attend.   If you need the meeting passcode please email

Please see the below link for a copy of our siddur.

Shabbat Shalom!

Sharon Oran
President, Barbados Jewish Community