Barbados Jewish Community

President’s Message – May 21

Word of the week:

This week I’m going to talk briefly about getting older.

Some of the greatest joys of growing older are having grandchildren!  They are hands down better than wrinkles and achy bones.  Having grandchildren has infused my life with optimism. I am always awestruck viewing the world through the eyes of a three year old.  Life feels less complicated and everything is always new and exciting from their viewpoint. This past Sunday our little community was blessed to have three toddlers attend Shavuot services along with a family with teens.  It was as if someone lit a bright light within the walls of Nidhe Israel.  Not only do we have the greatest pleasure of watching them simply be children, but we see the future through their presence. We know that the continuity of Judaism in Barbados is fragile, yet times like this keeps us hoping.

On a more somber topic. I received an email this week regarding a rise in antisemitic attacks throughout the commonwealth. Here is an article that I found on the topic from the BBC.  Again…let’s pray for this peace lasts.

AGM: Please note our Annual General Meeting has been postponed. Members will be emailed the new time and date

Last week I sent out an email re: donations for India. A few people have asked for a link to make donations. Here is the link to donate.!/donation/checkout?
Please (In the place where it says in honor of) write funds are going to ‘CJC Oxygen Concentrators Appeal.’ If you prefer to write a cheque to The Barbados Jewish community, please note that it is for the India appeal at the bottom of the cheque.

We will be holding our weekly Friday night ZOOM services on May 21st, 2021 at 6:30pm.
Please join us!  Click the Zoom Meeting link below to attend; for the passcode please email

Please see the below link for a copy of our siddur.

Shabbat Shalom!

Sharon Oran

President, Barbados Jewish Community