Barbados Jewish Community

President’s Message May 29


To all our Readers:

Leah Gilbert’s funeral took place on May 26th in Toronto.  Benny and several of our local community sat Shiva at the family home in Atlantic Shores, Barbados while the immediate family in Toronto connected with us through Zoom.  We stood in the enclosed patio with the sound of the waves crashing to the shore in the background.  We were careful to wear masks (most of the time) and exercise social distancing. The fact that we were able to have a minyan gather during this time was comforting and a testament to the commitment of the Jewish people in our community.  Benny has asked me to extend his heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has been supporting him during the last few weeks.

We continue to adjust to the “new normal” and in many ways feel the uncertainty of the future. This article “We’ve Been Here Before: Spiritual Wisdom for Enduring Coronaviru, by Rabbi Paul Kipness, will provide some insight of history repeating itself as it reflects on the story of Miriam (Numbers chapter 12).

Shavuot , the “Feast of Weeks,” is celebrated seven weeks after Passover (Pesach). Since the counting of this period (sefirat ha-omer) begins on the second evening of Passover, Shavuot takes place exactly 50 days after the (first) Seder. Hence, following the Greek word for “fifty,” Shavuot is also referred to sometimes as Pentecost.  Although its origins are to be found in an ancient grain harvest festival, Shavuot has long been identified with the giving of the Torah to Moses on Mount Sinai.

For more on Shavuot click here:

Shabbat Services will continue on Zoom. Here is the link. Just click on it and follow the instructions.

You can down load the Sim Shalom Siddur that we use by clicking on:

Here are a few zoom best practices: When the service begins please mute your microphone, persons who are invited to do an English reading should unmute during the reading & mute again when finished. Then at the end of the service unmute as we all join (with soft voices) to chant Shalom Aleikhem and then we will close the service with fellowship.

This is a reminder that the BJC AGM will be held on Zoom Sunday June 7th, 2020 at 10:30 am. The zoom invite was sent to BJC members by email on May 10 th. 2020. If you have not received this invite please email me – Please remember to settle any outstanding dues so that you will be eligible to vote. This is an election year for EC officers. Please send in names of persons you would like to nominate to hold office on the Executive Committee.

Points of interest, updates & reminders:

  • Shabbat services this week have been cancelled. Join us virtually on Zoom.
  • Thomas Salamon’s D’var Torah this week will be posted to our website

The Parsha this week is: Naso from the book of Bamidbar (Numbers 4:21-7:89)

  • Annual General Meeting (Sunday) June 7th 10:30 am – on Zoom
  • Visit the BJC website
  • Interested to support Nidhe Israel Synagogue with your contribution. Please give today. Cheques should be written to Bridgetown Synagogue 1654 Management Company Inc.

Shabbat Shalom,

Scott Oran