Barbados Jewish Community

President’s Message – October 1

Word of the week:

We culminated this year’s Jewish Holidays with an in- person service for Simchat Torah. It felt so wonderful to be together and Jacob arrived back in Barbados just in time to lead the service for us. He was truly G-d sent. Thank you so much to all of you who attended via ZOOM and in-person. Your participation keeps Jewish practice and traditions alive in Barbados. We are so grateful!

Amalia Levi sent me information this morning on a very interesting conference that I would like to share with you. The topic is “the current state of Holocaust scholarship and the contemporary relevance of the US government’s response to the Holocaust, with a special emphasis on how the field of digital humanities and the increasing need for and access to digital research is changing the way Holocaust research is conducted and disseminated. “ If you click on “Agenda” you can see the program, which includes a film screening and discussion with the director the first evening.

Also please see this amazing article where 300 European lawmakers demand end to anti-Israel discrimination at UN written on September 13th, 2021.

I am re-sending this to you  as I have not had any volunteers yet. “Each year, in November, over 40,000 people around the world come together to give our time, not money, to make a difference to the community around us. Mitzvah Day introduces people to social action, to their neighbours and to local charities, setting up projects, which address real needs.

Jewish-led, we bring together people of all ages, faiths, and backgrounds, to volunteer side-by-side, building longstanding, genuine relationships.
Social Action projects make a vital difference to the world around us and can include a wide variety of activities.”
We welcome your ideas and would love to form a subcommittee to help organize an event for the community. Please email us

This week’s Friday night services will be on ZOOM at 6:30pm.
Please click this link to join us; you should not need a passcode, but if you do, please email

Please click this link for a copy of our siddur:

Shabbat Shalom!

Sharon Oran
President, Barbados Jewish Community