Barbados Jewish Community

President’s Messsage – July 1

Dear All,

Scott and I have had a wonderful holiday. Between celebrating beautiful birthdays with my mom, grand-daughter Sadie and brother, Ron, we also had a fabulous week in Scotland! We enjoyed the cool Scottish summer weather and maybe a little less, the rain and wind. Sadly, our trip ended with a bout of COVID, a little something extra we hadn’t expected. This is our new reality when we travel. Needless to say, I had a lot of down time to rest and think.

As many of you are travelling this summer to new places and visiting friends, I wish you safe journeys and exciting adventures without the something extra.

I am happy to announce that we will once again be hosting our lecture series that we began last year. The theme for this year’s series “Caribbean Jewish Communities: Past and Future” will provide wonderful insights into the Jewish origins of our neighboring Islands. I will share with you more information in the coming weeks but get ready to hear some outstanding speakers.

If you have a chance read this great article by Rabbi Jonathan Saks on “How the Jewish People Invented Hope”



We have decided to reduce our summer service schedule. Services will be held as follows:
Friday, July 1st 6:30pm (Zoom Only)
Friday, July 8th 6:30pm (in person at Nidhe Israel and on Zoom)
Friday, July 22nd 6:30pm (Zoom only)
Friday, August 5th 6:30pm (in person at Nidhe Israel and on Zoom)
Friday August 19th, 6:30pm (Zoom only)

JEWISH TRIVIA: QUESTION: (scroll down for the answer)
Who is said to have been the first Jewish person?

  1. Moses
  2. Abraham
  3. Noah
  4. Joseph

Simon Altman – 7 Tammuz – July 6
Sarah Cohen Shapiro – 10 Tammuz – July 9
Lazar Gross – 13 Tammuz – July 12
Henry Altman – 17 Tammuz – July 16
Maxine Blaeker Luft – 18 Tammuz – July 17
Nathan Arback 26 – Tammuz – July 25

Answer: B
The first Jew in the world is said to have been Abraham, father of Isaac and Ishmael, the 10th generation from Noah and born in 2018 BC, some 352 years after the Flood. However, there is nothing in the Bible that either confirms or denies this.

Shabbat Shalom,

Sharon Oran
President, Barbados Jewish Community