Barbados Jewish Community

Message from the President

The Jewish people have been on the move throughout much of their long history, and in the 17th century Barbados began to play a crucial role in the modern Diaspora.  Sephardic Jews fleeing the Spanish Inquisition arrived here as early as 1628.  Twenty-six years later part of the Jewish community of Recife, Brazil relocated to Barbados and built the Nidhe Israel synagogue in the heart of Bridgetown.

In the 1930s Ashkenazi families fleeing anti-Semitism and Nazism in Europe came to Barbados and started a new Jewish community here, worshiping in a converted home, now known as the Sha’areTzedek synagogue.

Today the Barbados Jewish Community is comprised of 42 resident families and 12 non-resident families.  We are a Conservative Community embracing Jewish traditions by holding Kabbalat Shabbat Services on Friday evenings, as well as celebrating major Jewish holidays throughout the year.  For the last two years we have had visiting Rabbis lead our community during several winter months, and for over 20 years the Blumenfeld family from New York has joined us for 10 days to lead us during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services.

Our executive committee works hard to maintain our Jewish identity within Barbados and to preserve the Nidhe Israel Historic Site.  We welcome you to join us and be part of our long Jewish history in Barbados.  With your support we will keep the Jewish spirit alive for generations to come.

Please use this site to learn more about our history, and visit regularly for updates about events and initiatives of Jewish interest.


Sharon Oran