Barbados Jewish Community

Nidhe Israel Synagogue

Nidhe Israel and its adjacent cemeteries, ritual mikvah and museum are owned by the Barbados National Trust, the government agency that oversees all historic properties on the island.  In a unique cooperative effort that commenced in 1985, the Barbados Jewish Community raised funds to help restore the island’s historic Jewish quarter, and in consideration retains rights to utilize these facilities for its religious services and other communal functions. 

The Nidhe Israel Synagogue (1654) is located within the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bridgetown and its Garrison.  It forms part of the Synagogue Historic District, a heritage site containing several buildings and landmarks of historic interest.  When not in use by the Barbados Jewish Community, it can be visited during daytime hours.  Visit for more information on the restored Historic District, its hours of operation and entrance fees.  To book a guided tour led by a member of the Barbados Jewish Community, click here.



There is a parking lot adjacent to the synagogue (modest fee) accessible only via James St.  Downtown Bridgetown is criss-crossed with one-way streets, so we provide the above expandable map illustrating the traffic flow.  Maneuver to James Street: parking lot is on the right after passing Synagogue Lane.